There are too many people in here

Long time no post!

Happy new year everyone, hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday =).

Mine was great, except for one bit where I spent the New Years countdown in a way too crowded bar. Seriously, it was ridiculous. Kind of like this:

"There are too many people in here" - ink on paper - 6" x 4"

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  1. That is amazing~! i feel like that year around..
    "I don't hate them...I just feel better when they're not around."
    — Charles Bukowski
    :P Heppy New year's!

  2. haha... *highfive

  3. Ahaha! Love this! I have felt like that too. Great following.

  4. My holiday is just so so, and I just stayed at home for most of the time because of the old weather.

  5. Great drawing! (And I know the feeling) You have some really great art on here! :)

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