Sleep with the Fishes

"Sleep with the Fishes" - ink and watercolor on paper - 10" x 14"

Poor broken robot. Finished this guy this weekend -- it's been a while since I've posted a painting!

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful. That's such a mundane word. Correction: they transcend beauty and honestly I cannot think of a better adjective. I want to say thank you for sharing them with the world! I come here when life is lacking emotion and color. <3

  2. Wow..i like this picture..i found it thru google.3 colors merging seamlessly. It as though the robot is flying upwards.


  3. Hey, first of all, even though I think I've said it before, I absolutely love your style. This is some really spectacular stuff.

    And second of all, for art class we were asked to do some sort of visual response to an existing piece, and I chose this one. It's here: if you'd like to see it, but I just wanted to tell you again how much I love your art and admire your talent. Oh, and also I'm going to be writing a short paper interpreting this piece for the same project, so wish me luck with that. :P

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