Sun and Moon

"Sun and Moon" - ink and acrylic on paper - 10" x 7"

This one came out a bit weirder than I anticipated, haha.

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  1. weird yet intriguing...

  2. Hi! i love your work, it's awesome! always inspire me and make my brain have a big mindfuck(?). I'm actually staring with the painting with watercolors and i want to ask you, what type of paper do you use? 300 lbs? please reply. Thanks

    PD: Now you have a fan from venezuela ;)

  3. I always wonder where you get your ideas or inspiration. Great work! :D Love the colors!

  4. I'm loving it! <3 All your work is amazing!

  5. reminds me of the book "The Little Prince" :)

  6. mmmm. I must be weird, then, because that is awesome!

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