Gibbous Moon

"Gibbous Moon"- ink and gel pen on illustration board - 3" x 4"

Some definite Lovecraft influences here. . .


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  1. Dude, this is sick. How long did it take you?

  2. Thanks, glad you like it! Not sure how long it took -- just sort of doodled it out while watching a couple movies...

  3. Do you use the back of the illustration board? Or is that buff coloured board?

  4. I think it's actually mat board - my bad... just used to saying illustration board when it's thick stuff like this =P

  5. Do you sell these? I would be interested in buying this.

  6. Jake - Yup, this one is for sale for $50. Email me at if interested.


  7. wow white ink.... I love that... what brand is that?

  8. The white pen is Gelly Roll brand -- you can probably find them at most art / stationary stores --

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