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  1. That's your "not much in the painting mood" mood? Really nice mood...

    Anyway... I wanted to ask a favor of you (excuse my poor English). Last Sunday I had to put my beautiful Tyler to sleep. I'm very very sad and can't stop crying... We were together for 12 years and I really miss him a lot. I was thinking to add one more to my nine tattoos... One that is just for Tyler. And since I love your drawings I was wondering if you would be so super nice to make a really simple design for me... All I want is a simple outline of a cat. I plan to make it completely black since that's how Tyler was... I really just want something tiny to put above the writing (always in my heart and the dates)...
    Thanks very very much! And don't be afraid to say no... I'll understand. If you want, I can send you a pic of Tyler... ;)
    Once again, THANKS!!
    Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. Juliana -

    I'm sorry to hear about your cat, it sounds like you were very attached to him =( ... as far as a cat drawing, would something like this work?

  3. Tis "Sorry" is acceptable. :P

  4. Of course it will work, Lawrence!! And thank you very very much!! =)

    I promise to send you a pic of the tattoo when it's done...


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