"Golden" - 12" x 9" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Hard to tell in this image, but the highlights on the hills and some of the splashes in the sky are done with gold paint. Fun stuff.

I'll try to post a video tonight that shows how the light plays on the paint =)

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  1. I would to suggest that you try to do your paintings in a different style. I mean as a challenge :)

  2. I appreciate the suggestion, but I think if you scroll through my archives you'll find that I constantly experimenting with different media, textures, narratives, compositions, etc. My work has changed over the years with small adjustments and discoveries, rather than constant radical shifts.

    That's just the way I work to evolve my style -- sorry if you're bored =)

  3. Everyone's changes like that, but it doesn't hurt to try to push yourself to try to see if you can do a style that is far removed from what you typically do. That's not to say that your style hasn't evolved or that anyone is tired of it. Just sometimes you don't know all that you can do til you try to do something you never thought about doing. Just my two cents on this topic.

  4. Yup, I agree. And I do sketch and concept ideas that are different from my normal stuff... But those dont usually make it onto this blog. =)

  5. Sounds good, you should post some concept sketches from time to time. I love your work, so keep it up :)

  6. Not at all. I've only started following your feeds recently and so haven't really checked out the archives. But I'll try to check them out. :)

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