Dry Erase City

"Dry Erase City" - dry erase marker on paper - 17" x 11"

Poker night tonight with the work crew... I had some downtime before the game started, so sketched a quick thing with dry erase marker on a piece of tabloid paper.

Something about using office supplies to create artwork... so satisfying =)


6 comments :: Dry Erase City

  1. I'd live there

    Awesome as always!

  2. You are just my hero haha :P
    Great work!

  3. Heh, thanks guys =)

  4. I think it has something to do with the lack of pressure :)
    The best doodles i've done is during lectures... but of course on lined paper so it's useless!

    But yours' look great.

  5. Awesome!!!

  6. i like your style its fresh
    i can even say unique

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