"Robot Graveyard"

"Robot Graveyard" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 6" x 6"

Here's a piece for the Robots and Monsters charity run by Joe Alterio -- the site is down right now as they're relaunching soon...

The idea of the charity project is that someone would donate money and request either a robot or a monster drawing - and specify three words that they want the drawing to be based on. In this case, the three words were "serenade, spectral, junkyard" and the donor wanted a robot drawing.

Fun to do, but I need to start figuring out how to balance side projects with gallery show preparations... ahh! Too much to do!

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  1. Excellent Work!! I've always been interested in the emotions of robots as a means of expression in music. Your painting mirrors my attempts. ;)

  2. *dies*
    This is amazing. And the timing couldn't be any more right. I'm building a life-size cardboard robot for my room to brighten up a corner.
    I really really really really really really.. *gasp* really really love this.

  3. hooray, glad you all like it!

  4. The watercolor hues are so pretty!great detail too!

  5. I have a new favorite...

  6. The fact that he's singing makes it for me

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