Cocoon Movie Poster WIP

Cocoon Movie Poster WIP - ink, gouache and watercolor on poster - 25" x 40"

Here is where I am so far with the Cocoon movie poster for the show coming up at Gallery 1988. I feel pretty good about where the piece is... Apart from a few minor touch ups, I think this is mostly done.

When I'm sure, I'll post another, better picture... this one is a bit off color-wise, and there are some details that got lost.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!


5 comments :: Cocoon Movie Poster WIP

  1. Did you manage to get the paint sticking okay?

  2. Hey Susan - yup! I ended up just using thickish layersnif opaque watercolor as a base, and drawing and painting on top of that. It turned out pretty nice I think =). Thanks!

  3. its pretty I love the colors.
    and the big tree looks awesome

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