Cephalopods... all ready to frame!

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  1. Oh wow! You are killing me, Lawrence. I love, love, love these SO MUCH!

    I have an octopus tattooed on my throat/chest and they are my most favorite of all creatures. They are so intelligent, beautiful and fluid.

    Will these be available for sale?

    Winx, Jinxi

  2. very nice paintings :)

    I'm from Polish ,and I admire and try to emulate your style of painting :)

    I hope that you understand my weak English translation ;)


  3. Heh, thanks guys, glad you like them!

    Jinxi, these pieces are for an art show coming up this Friday. I'll be posting something soon with prices and information on how to get in touch with the gallery to purchase pieces -


  4. Dude I keep on loving your works those backgrounds are just amazing and the flowing of lines is extremely amazing. Just one question how did you paint the cephalopod? with ink pen or with a brush?

    your work is just amazing :D

  6. @Servilleta - the cephalopods were drawn with gouache and a brush.

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