Wood Doodle

"Wood Doodle" - ink on wood - 2 1/4" x 3 1/4"

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  1. Niiice! One of my faves so far!!!

  2. What do you do with all of your tiny doodles?

  3. Cute! I want one!!

  4. Thanks! Mmm, I mostly just hang onto them - I might put them in a show, or sell them if people are interested in buying them. It's just nice work in a really small format every now and then.

  5. Nice work, man!


  6. That looks phenomenal on the wood!

  7. Did you do this for the Artomat? The artomat is something I'd love to make art for one day, and that looks perfect for it.


  8. wow really people you are amazing this is art real art..congrats

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