The honey was worth it

"The honey was worth it" - ink on paper - 3" x 5"

Just something simple tonight. A bit burnt out on painting right now... plus have a bunch of prints to ship tonight! =)

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, hits a bit close to home for me.

  2. The pen you use for that, is that a pen brush or a fine point felt? I have a pen bursh and I find it really difficult to get perfect little swirles (like the ones on the cloud) with out screwing the pen up. Any tips??

  3. Ah, I just used a normal micron pen (not a brush tip) -- I do sometimes use those kinds of pens, but it gives lines a much more organic look. Which is nice sometimes, but not always =)

  4. Such a simple drawing, but it's great! I smile each time I scroll past it. :] The Paper Pushers show opens on my birthday, and I wish I was able to go to it. It would make my day.

  5. Hahaha, that's great. I laughed a little. :D

  6. I've been enjoying your work for a while...maybe a year or so. Just thought I would jump in and say that to me, this...I know that you think its just some off-hand sketch, but, there's purity here. Its wonderful. All of your work is beautiful, but for some reason, something about this little one made me finally want to reach out and say "Hell yes, that's it!". For what its worth, job well done. Not that its really a job...more like a calling. I pray that you keep hearing the call. Andy

  7. Thanks Andy, that's great to hear! Yes, I definitely feel the same at times... that a simple, thoughtful drawing can sometimes be much more meaningful than a huge painting...

  8. sd

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