mmm... angels

"mmm... angels" - ink and watercolor in moleskine - 3" x 2"

Poker night tonight, so just had time for a quick drawing in my sketchbook.


12 comments :: mmm... angels

  1. Cool! I like the disappearing city scape in the background!

  2. mmmm....

  3. lol awesome

  4. feelin' sick! few days ago have posted a thing in my blog, with the same title idea (mmm...), it curious...

  5. I love the splattering of the blood ( is it blood?)

    how do you work on such small areas?

  6. So tiny! So tasty!

  7. *love*

    on a side note, I've been in the market for a new water brush. What is that one you are using? Any suggestions?

  8. The one in the picture is from a Koi travel watercolor set... normally I use the blue Aquash brand water brushes =)

  9. Dude, I need this on a tshirt...

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