Bloom - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9"

Phew, finally finished it! This one was a beast - it kept changing what it wanted to be. I think I managed to guide it to a pretty reasonable state though =)

Make sure to click through for high res - I took about five process pictures, so you can see it develop from the base wash.

'night! ('morning. . .)

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  1. Love your work!
    It looks AMAZING!

  2. Dude this one really rocks man I love how you made the flowers.

  3. Beautiful picture! Sorry for my ignorance, but how'd you do the petals? Not one by one, surely?!

  4. Thanks guys, glad you like it! Mmm, the flowers were done by spattering paint -- very time consuming, but the end result is pretty nice =)

  5. Wow! I love your work! It looks therapeutic because it has wonderful colors!

  6. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!
    horray larry!

  7. Dude I adore this so much.

    Pink and gray is like my favorite color combination.

    I've been checking your blog regularly for like a year now.

    Thats dedication.

    lol jk I just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan.


  8. Thanks Raelee - I'm glad you enjoy my work =). It's great to hear what people think of my work as I experiment and develop my artistic style...


  9. I kinda looks like the progression from spring (skipping summer XP) fall and then winter. Very pretty :)

  10. Just stumbled on this blog today, I have to say I love love love your style. This picture is just so strikingly beautiful.

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