New studio!

Here's my new studio!

Well, it's my old studio, but I cleaned, organized and feng-shui-ed everything to the point of feeling new... I can't wait to break it in!

'night -

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  1. pretty :)

    but it's white! :O doesn't that worry you? I'm surprised it's so clean and stain-free (from all the art supplies~)

  2. I'm sure it's nice having the walls white though. After all, too much visual noise when you're trying to work can feel overwhelming and claustrophobic. Plus, a clean workspace shows a high level of professionalism and it assures you that your paints aren't a mess and "contaminating" into one another or anything like that.

  3. You should sell that old table top you used to work on. I'm sure lots of people enjoyed seeing it as the background on all the photos of your work. It was so colourful and had so much character!
    You probably thought it just looked like a mess, but you know, one man's trash blah blah blah

  4. I think you should do a really big doodle on your wall xD that would be kick ass. x

  5. Nas & Cirien - It won't stay clean and stain free forever... this is probably the cleanest it will ever be =).

    Jory - this is actually the same table that I used to use with all the colors and stains -- it was the underside of the table top, and I just had it on boxes when I was working on the floor.

    And yeah, that would be sweet to do a doodle on the wall, I've been thinking about it!

  6. The table alone wouldn't have fit in your old place. Lookin' pretty spiffy, buddy. <-- lot of "y's" popping up at the end of words these days. Not really liking it. Feels like a communist conspiracy or something.

  7. lookin' good.
    Sorry I haven't been able to comment on your blogs for a while...been overwhelmed by the work lately.

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