"Bunny Triptych"

"Bunny Triptych" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 5" x 6"

I had to set up this shot on my other table... my studio table is too crazy right now with all the contrasting colors. It wouldn't do justice to the piece if the background more distracting than the piece itself =P.

Click through
for higher resolution and process pictures.

Also, it looks like the numbers for the poll have solidified. I've decided on four pieces to make prints of... stay tuned for more details!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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  1. i love this

  2. the blog title doesn't do you justice!! i was just stumbling and came across you site and i couldn't believe i've seen your work before
    !! on deviant art maybe? i'm not sure.. great job though! love it!

  3. Oh please please PLEASE let one of them be 'impact!' please?

  4. i really like the contrast :)

  5. Thanks all, glad you like it!

    =/ Sorry, but "Impact" is not on the list for this next set of prints coming up. Maybe after that though!

  6. great background i love the diffusion of color from the reds to purples and the white blotch in the middle, adds a great effect.

  7. lovely

  8. wow i absolutely love this! (: wish i could get a print of it... ><;

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