Fish Triptych

"Fish Triptych" - watercolor, gouache and pastel on paper - 7" x 10"

Hooray, finished it! Took a bunch of process pictures too, so click through to take a look.


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  1. Out of curiosity, what weight paper do you use? I've never seen your paper go crazy. Also, how do you get the faded out effects? Ethanol? Isopropanol? or just water?

  2. Actually, I was wondering the same as the person before me. What paper do you use? Do you have a preferred brand?

  3. Mmm, not sure about the weight, but I usually use Acquarelle hot press -- it's sealed on the sides, so paper doesn't wrinkle until you slice it off.

    The faded effects are just water -- does using alcohols work without decreasing the lifespan of the piece?

  4. not really sure about the alcohol. I got the book by the shadowscapes lady a while back as a gift and she uses salt and alcohol for certain effects. i think she also plays with saran wrap. it's amusing. I don't really know what salt and isopropanol does to the paper. it could be worth playing with?

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