Seussian Yellow

"Seussian Yellow" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 7" x 10"

Hooray, third one is done! Here they are all together.

Hmmm. I may go back and redo the pink one though, it doesn't really sit quite right with me... Ah well, I'll worry about it tomorrow.


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  1. are you talking about how the pink one dips less than the other two? it doesn't look identical but it's nice that way, i think. maybe if you made more that dipped in different levels you could make a seussian rainbow. I think that'd be pretty. :)

  2. The pink one has too much contrast. I like the blue drawing the best because the dark area on the bottom helps create a very nice silhouette/ negative space. The yellow has a beautiful glow to it.

  3. these are lovely. they remind me of The Lorax, my favorite of his stories.

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