New prints are here!

The new limited edition prints are here!

Same as before -- each is a limited set of 100 prints on archival watercolor paper. Super high quality, beautiful colors, the folks at SF Electric Works (the print shop I used) really outdid themselves this time.


Prints are now available! View details here:

8 comments :: New prints are here!

  1. Gorgeous!
    I'm excited to find out the details.

  2. shiny... i hope i can afford one or two. XD

  3. I'm tuned but getting anxious

  4. Patience! I'll be sending an email out in the next day or two =)

  5. Wow I have never had anything like these pieces which gave me happiness and jealousy (cause I want to do something like these) when I look at them. I wish I was able to afford to buy some of these..

    December 2, 2009 at 2:33 PM

  6. If Christmas didn't leave me broke.. I want one of your prints so badly. If they are still for sell when I get some money, I will cry out of happiness.

  7. Do you just paint the background with water color and spray it with a waterbottle to get that wonderful texture?

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