Big Doodle

Big Doodle - sharpie on mat board - 40" x 32"

Whew, finally finished this guy. Hooray! Click through for higher res and process pics.

I'm out for the next week or so visiting family, so posts may be small and sporadic. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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  1. i love how organic it all looks. it makes me super happy!

  2. wow!! this is sooo impressive. was interesting to watch the whole process from start to finish. referring to your previous posts.
    well deserved break. happy holidays! :)

  3. Yeah! This piece have a dark feel but pulse of life at same moment. Great!

  4. yay finished!

  5. WOW!

  6. This is crazy detailed! awesome

  7. I'm awestruck every time I see your stuff.

    Great, great work.

  8. This is absolutely genius. Could you please, not that you have to, make a video so people could see and you could show how you use markers to such extent. Please. Thank you

  9. very nice and fluid

  10. I think I'm in love

  11. Thanks everyone, glad you like the piece! Izak - I'll can try to make a video of the next large scale piece I do... Not sure how I'll set it up though =/

  12. It's like some wild crazy Garden of Eden. Btw Lawrence I gave you a shout out on my blog. Your work has been inspiring me to paint more!
    I would link it here but I want to make sure it's ok with you.

  13. Shoshanna - That's great, i'm glad you're inspired to paint more! Definitely feel free to post a link to your blog here, I'd love to see it.

  14. Here it is. :)

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  18. Hi Lawrence,
    I love your style! I found your blog after doing a Google search for 'big doodles' - I run a doodling website called - and your 2009 piece 'Big Doodle' came up. I would really like to add it to my website if you don't mind?

    My website is designed to zoom in close to doodles and see all the minute detail, so if you have a bigger resolution version you could send me, let me know. Thanks!
    Felicity (P.S you'll find my email address on my website)

  19. This is fantastic. i love it! you are wonderfully talented!

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