"Goldfish" - ink, watercolor and acrylic on wood - 8" x 6"

A little girl walking a goldfish... a request from a friend =).

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  1. That is one of the silliest, sweetest things I have seen. Great job!

  2. Freakinawesome!!!~! Gimme. you still owe me for my birthday :P

  3. Great work. Seriously. Love the uncertainty of the girl's feeling/expression. The interpretation is partially left to the viewer. Love the contrast between the plainness of the girl and the beauty of the goldfish. I imagine the girl might feel the way I do when I go out-on-the-town with certain friends. These two former dancers turn heads without trying in their naturally-radiant, high-cheekbones, soft-spoken sort of way. Much like that goldfish, they can't help it, its their DNA. Their movements are mesmerizing, and I want to watch as if they're actresses in a real-life movie. In awe. But I am involved in the scene, I am attached to them. I am the girl in the picture.
    The scene lends itself to many different interpretations, this is but one. Great work.

  4. Oh, this is just beautiful. Yay.

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  5. I would totally buy this. Very nice. =)

  6. I just found your paintings on the internet last week and I've spent hours looking at your paintings. They are so different from all other paintings I've seen. This one is really cute. Keep doing what you are because your doing wonderful.

  7. This is probably my favorite yet. Just beautiful!

  8. Found your site via Cameron Moll's twitter about the Pepsi ad interp.

    Just wanted to say that I adore this painting. You have a very unique and distinct style! If you were to offer prints of this, I would definitely buy.

  9. Looks like my pet fish!:D

  10. Hi, just landed on your page randomly but this is my absolute favorite! Looking forward to seeing new pieces :)

  11. so colourful and lively...*)

  12. Absolutely love this lil crazy world of yours. Thank u so much =)

  13. great job! there's such a contrast between both of them - girl and goldfish. I also liked its sweetness and the idea itself - I had never thought of taking my goldfish for a walk.

  14. WOW. LOVE THIS. Reminds me of the feral cat that I rescued.
    He is so sweet and he purrs alot now. He brought me a huge dead squirrel as a gift once. He left the body in my room by my favorite chair.
    I never told my housemates about the squirrel because I didnt want them
    to realize that I was secretly harboring a little murderer. You really can't reason with a girl about her beloved pets!

  15. Great work! :O)

  16. I absolutely love this!

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  19. I love you, and your work.

  20. Straight charming.

  21. i want a gold fish on a leash

  22. Hi
    I'd like to know if you're ok to do a similar painting for me? Please let me know
    kind regards,

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