Blue Abstract WIP 1

"Blue Abstract" WIP 1 - acrylic on masonite - 20" x 16" (detail view)

Here's a small cut of something that I've been working on for a few days... Don't know why, but I've been driven to do these more abstract pieces lately. Maybe the weather? Or maybe just insane. Either way, here's where this piece is now.

Have some more whimsical stuff that I want to paint after this one... but it feels like i need to get this blue piece out of my head first.

Happy weekend!

4 comments :: Blue Abstract WIP 1

  1. I love you art, just so you know. especially that goldfish one.

    i think you should go from the goldfish image and create a children's book. it'd be so pretty and cute.

  2. Your drawings are awesome, especially the more abstract ones. I just stumbled on your blog--are you planning to try one a day for a whole year?

  3. Great site,this information really helped me , I really appreciate it, keep up the great work!

  4. hey im not much of an art lover...
    but seeing this painting js evoked somethin...
    its really very good...

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