Megaman Apocalypse

"Megaman Apocalypse" - acrylic, ink and watercolor on board - 10" x 8 "

Same premise as the Pacman one -- what if the world had depended on Megaman to protect it, and what if Megaman had lost? (also for the Giant Robot show coming up)

I'm not sure I'm done with this one yet... the little guy looks lonely by himself. Maybe I'll paint him some backup =).

5 comments :: Megaman Apocalypse

  1. omg... as a die hard Megaman fan, I LOVE THIS! Bravo man, bravo...

  2. outstanding! makes me yearn for the 8 bit days. very well drawn.

  3. So cool! I wish I could draw this well. I've gotta draw lots fo fashion designs and stuff for school. Also loads of beach stuff so I'm pretty good at realistic bottles!

  4. I dont think you should draw more "back-up". I love it as it is, personally. It completely reminds me of David and Goliath... the little guy versus the big guy. I hope the little guy wins, great work.

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