"Pink Angel"

"Pink Angel" - acrylic and watercolor on board - 7" x 5"

Really liking the texture of these prepared boards I got at Blick Art Supply. I like how this one turned out =) I'll explore this a bit more...

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  1. WOW! Your work is truly amazing. Congratulations.

  2. i absolutely love your work, and your comment re: pepsi logo had me rolling in my seat.

    as a graphic designer and artist, i know what you're talking about... so many people don't THINK before they APPLY their vision onto paper or a digital form.

    always pays to step back and admire your work, eh?

    keep up the work, you are incredibly gifted.

    swing by my actual business site sometime @ trendesignsnw.com

    take care!

  3. very very nice!

  4. Amazingly awesome stuff.

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