Seeya Monday

No painting tonight, too busy packing. I'm off to DC to visit friends for the long weekend. I'll be back Sunday though... running out of time for this next show!!


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  1. HI...Amazing pics...What paper and color do u use?

  2. i wish you Good luck

  3. Awesome! I really like your art style. how do you apply the ink though? Ive tried useing a quill and I suck at it.

  4. The stage floor at the academy awards reminded me of your work. did you notice?

  5. Ajeya:
    I use watercolor paper, ink and watercolor -- although lately I've been experimenting a lot more with acrylic on different types of prepared masonite boards

    The ink I normally apply with a brush or any random pointy stick I have around... the cool feathery effects are done by blowing it around with air. You should try experimenting with it, it's pretty fun!

    Didn't watch the Oscars... and couldn't find any pictures of the stage floor =/ Was it cool?

  6. Thanks. i was going to use a brush but i didnt think about useing a stick. ill try it out.

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