"Summer Cloud Forest"

"Summer Cloud Forest" - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

Trying some new things, mixing different elements of doodling and painting together... I like the result =). Good times, good times.

Too bad the picture came out a bit dark, the red highlights of the mountains are much more vibrant than shown here...

Ah well, good enough.


4 comments :: "Summer Cloud Forest"

  1. As usual your experimentation turns out nicely and very interesting.
    This is a great picture. I do like the clouds' smudged look.

  2. Very Nice. I love all your paintings. I was wondering how much would one be to purchase? Like this one. I would have asked another way, other than a comment. But I didn't know where to.

    Email me at mwarner25@yahoo.com if you are interested in selling.

    Thanks. This is amazing.

  3. Hey, your artwork is amazing and I am glad to have stumbled it. :)
    I have enjoyed looking at all of your artwork and would like to tell you that your art is very inspiring!

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