Mario Apocalypse WIP

"Mario Apocalypse" - WIP - acrylic, ink and watercolor on board - 10" x 8"

The green washes weren't working out, so I started a new piece. Here we have the beginnings of a post apocalyptic Super Mario world, with our old friend Chomper.



* Upon seeing this the next morning, I wonder if I made the Chomper a bit too mutant. Hmmmm.... may need to try again...

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  1. this is great! good job...

    So here is a problem that I am having that you seem to do well overcoming. How do you make stuff, and blog everyday?

  2. It is great! I could really tell it was the chomper thing without reading your post!
    To the other comment from rocketRefund, my friend you just have to be really creative and love blogging every day! Maybe your just not in a really creative mind set at the moment. You need to find some inspiration. Go to art galleries, watch good movies, read fab books and just generally have a great time. Go somewhere you love too.

  3. I must say I have looked at your work and I am extremely Impressed you have an amazing talent. Look to your root and your first inspirations and then apply them to your current life, also I noticed that if thing get to stale thats cause yea need to get out and do something. anyway sorry dont have a blogger account yet but here is my website
    again amazing work

  4. @rocket

    Mmm, if it's a question of how I find time to blog everyday... then the answer is that I don't sleep very much =). If it's a question of creativity... then cakequeen and chris are right. The best thing is just to get out and expose yourself to a bunch of different inputs to get your mind going. Many of my paintings started out as idle doodles.

    If nothing else, keep a sketchbook. Just doodle, sketch, write your thoughts, etc. You'll be amazed at how sometimes just the act of putting pen to paper can make something click in your mind.

    I'm glad the chomper is recognizable! I think I'm still going to try and start another red piece though... I may end up going with this one, but it's still not hitting home with me yet.



  5. hi Lyang! I was looking through all your paintings/artwork from And interestingly, I found that some of the designs you have used in them, match with some of my doodles, which i used to draw earlier :)
    Your paintings are really cool!

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