Giant Robot - Game Over / Continue?

The Giant Robot Game Over/Continue show opened last night. The turnout was ridiculous -- at times it was so packed in there that the only recourse was to shuffle around a few inches at a time. It was awesome that so many people were exposed to my artwork, hopefully they enjoyed it -

Gobs of people from the Game Developers Conference came to the show-- They may have been drawn by the collaboration between Attract Mode and Giant Robot to create art inspired games... and the games themselves were tons of fun, hopefully they'll still be around to play for the next month. (you can find out more about this collaboration here)

I was only able to take a few crappy pictures with my phone, but you can get the basic picture.

My work up on the wall --

people checking my work out up on the wall

My buddy Joe To had this awesome piece up -- Tons of people took pictures of it with their cell phones (including me). Definitely check his work out! Here's a link to an interview he did with Giant Robot last month, and his art site is here.

If you're in the Bay Area for the next month, definitely go check it out. Lots of good work up =).

The folks at Giant Robot SF just uploaded a set of pictures from the opening night here. Check it out!

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  1. Flommytherobot says this stuff is cool.

    Robots like art. Statistically speaking, fewer humans shoot other humans with guns while they are doing art, unless it is government-sponsored "performance" art.

    The Robots would like you to do more art. Do it now.

    Flommytherobot is pleased to have been of assistance.

    Google Flommy the Robot

  2. Im really sorry, but i have to q-bert doing to mario what I think he's doing.

  3. Unfortunately, yes he is. Ha, I actually know the guy who bought that piece.

    Good times.

  4. Haha, looks cramped.

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