Giant Robot - "Game Over" show pieces

Alrighty, so these guys are ready to hang. Just need to get some hi res scans of them, and they're ready for their big show!

In other news, operation "fix my shit computer" is not going so well. I do have a plan of attack for tomorrow, so I need to get some supplies and then we'll see what I can salvage... Thanks everyone who's given advice and help in my time of need!


3 comments :: Giant Robot - "Game Over" show pieces

  1. Hi and congratulations for your artwork I am completely stupified. I´ll be around watching these jewels of yours.

  2. I came across your blog and I can't help but say how great your concepts are for the drawings! What I love is the combination of your media choice. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. SO COOL!!!
    I think that pic of them from the back is rly cool. You could even just put them up like that!
    Sry coz they are absolutely fab pics.
    That is such a shame that ur computer is gone.:S
    Is it a Windows? I bet it is!

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