Computer Hell

I just spent all night taking apart my computer, replacing the motherboard, cpu and ram, and putting it all back together. I just booted it up -- I don't remember the last time I was so happy to see the Windows logo =P

I tried to capture my state of mind in digital sketch form... lalala.

okay, 'night!

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  1. Cool pic! :D U might not get as good a pics from it but if you want to be less stressed and not up all night you could try getting a Mac?

  2. in light of what i know about you, the above comment is hilarious.

  3. I think you should take cakequeen's advice ;-)

  4. I am personally a fan of the PC, but sounds like a Mac would fit you better Larry. =p

  5. bah on macs!! when macs screw upyou have to send them off to be fixed. if it's still under waranty. i know a few friends who had "ants ate the mother board." that is what mac says anyway.

    why the hell do they make their motherboard out of sugar?!

  6. Sugar? Thank you guys! :)
    well, my Mac has never really broken on me apart from when I dropped my old one on the ground but it survived.

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