11 06 09 WIP

11 06 09 WIP - ink and watercolor on paper - 5" x 6"

I think I might make this one into a little triptych... maybe?

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  1. Are those watercolors in the little rectangular boxes? What brand is that?

  2. Hello Lawrence.
    I've been visiting Blow at Life for a while now. And with "a while" I mean several months. I just love to look at your paintings and drawings. They are just so refreshing. I love your style.
    Have a nice day and keep up the great work.

  3. @Ecchin - thanks, it's great to hear from regular visitors. I'm glad you're digging my work!

    @Taylor - Yep, those are Japanese watercolors - I've been using them a lot lately. I believe the brand is Yasutomo

  4. i love your job. seriously

  5. @ Lawrence
    I'm not 'digging' your work, but i sometimes stumble it (lool).

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