11 13 09 WIP

11 13 09 WIP - watercolor on paper - 10" x 7"

Looks peaceful...

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  1. it does.... and i love the color :)

  2. I've just found your website, and I'm amazed, really nice stuff.
    I'm just starting with watercolor and found all your stuff to be really inspiring!

    I'm really curious about how you're making the white splashes in this piece, I was going to ask if you're doing it the regular way (I completely miss the english word for it, but its like wetting the brush and beating it against the hand to make the paint blobs :)) or some other technique maybe?

  3. Yes, it does.
    I love the tranquility.

    Winx, JInxi

  4. so enjoyable. I check this site for simple relaxation.

  5. ...for now. haha. I wonder what you have in mind!

  6. where's my fish?

  7. I love it for the choice of colors and design

  8. Thanks all, glad you like it!

    @Fernando - it's just a technique of wetting the wash and picking it up with a paper towel.


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