Pepsi Logo - a response

Pepsi Logo - A Response: digital

So they recently plastered the Powell BART station in San Francisco with Pepsi ads. Just big posters that say "POP", "HOPE", "SODA", "JOY", etc. All flaunting Pepsi's new lopsided logo.

And every time I see the logo, I can't help imagining a big belly button in the middle... So I thought I would share my vision with you all. You'll never look at the Pepsi logo the same again =).


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Back by popular demand... "Pepsi Logo - a response" tees!

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  1. Great job man! Hope you don't get sued.:)

  2. i LOVE this! thank you~

  3. When i see it, I see a little bird. It actually reminds me of the bird from the old Always box.

  4. I got linked to your blog via the pepsi image. After looking through your posts I thought I'd leave a note saying how much I like your work. You are clearly very talented!

  5. Nice, I keep seeing your stuff using stumbleupon, you keep getting better, keep it up!

  6. HAHA! I'm so happy to see this.

  7. Finally, an artistic response to how I feel about all of those horrid, sugary drinks that induce burping and bigger beltlines. Well done.

  8. Thanks for this. I see the same exact thing when I see that new logo.

  9. Clearly you put in far more thought than Pepsi's agency did.

  10. I'd never even seen the new Pepsi logo before (I'm not a soda drinker), but I went to after seeing this, and I cannot stop laughing at the logo now. Hilarious.

  11. Hahaha that's amazing. Real creative!

  12. great job, you're the best, hahahaha!!!

  13. Good job!

    You're on Reddit:


  14. Brilliant!

  15. soooo goood !!!

  16. Bravo.

  17. Brilliant! You have just caused no telling how many painful meetings.

  18. Love it. It's oh so true!

  19. The irony is delicious!

  20. As someone who's constantly trying to figure out the reason for design decisions, I have to say I think you've hit the nail on the head. Cuz otherwise I couldn't figure out why Pepsi felt the need to change their logo (and then plaster it all over the Powell station in San Francisco).


  21. Now it reminds me of Strong Sad.

  22. it reminds me of a guy bending over and if you draw a line you can see his butt crack. (the red is the shirt and the blue is the jeans.)

  23. I like it, it seems if we drink it we will be like that.
    one day one draw, I absolutely agree with you.
    Peace man..

  24. Oh I think we all know what they had in mind with this shitty redesign: Fauxbama.

  25. Great stuff!!

    creative pix..

    great site...

  26. I would have liked to say that I posed for that... but my belly aint *that* big

  27. love it :)

  28. hahahaha, Amazing! Your interpretation is way more captivating than the original super-sloppy logo

  29. Great interpretation of the logo. Great artwork! Awesome stuff.

  30. Turn the Logotype upside doum and Pepsi looks like it spells 'is ded'

  31. Strong Sad in a pepsi outfit.

  32. hah. this is great. i love the subtle man-boobs.


  34. Excellant! Beautiful You rock :)

  35. How DARE Pepsi provide us with a soft drink that tastes good, but is unhealthy. Don't they know that many humans can't control themselves? It's Pepsi's fault, NOT ours!

    Pepsi, you irresponsible bastards, your product should be banned and all we should have available to us is water, because WE CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

    Oh, and Rob, your first name rhymes with Knob. Clearly I've put more thought into your name than your parents did. Right?

  36. Wow! That's great!

  37. Back in October, I saw butt cracks, and worked up a treatment on my site.

    The New Pepsi Logo Looks Like A** (Literally!)

    Not as artistically accomplished as yours, of course, but interesting anatomically-speaking.

  38. Awesome!

    Now when I see them in NYC, I'll have a quiet laugh to myself instead of rolling my eyes at the logo like I usually do...

  39. Viva La High Fructose Corn Syrup!

  40. Awesome illustration! Not too far off from my critique here: Pepsico Rebranding

  41. Haha, I do believe Joan Crawford just spun in her grave!

    Great job!

    (First saw this on ffffound, if you're keeping track.)

  42. wow, publicity... good job.

    This is quite clever. thanks for changing my view of pepsi.

  43. Did you see the big one that says "JOY" right by Chinatown?? It's huge!! And so ugly!

    I love your illustration! This made my day! :D

  44. hahaha... sweet! love it. :)

  45. Amazing. Found this via Google reader "cool" recommendations. Took like 3 clicks to find my way back to the source.

    This is gonna be all over the place.

  46. mmmm..type two diabetes. yum!

  47. He looks sad..much like many soda drinkers.

  48. i noticed this at work when we started getting the new logo 2-liters; the diet pepsi logo has a slimmer middle bar, or midriff if you will. seeing this post reminded me of this, thought i'd share :)

  49. Pepsi is the only soda I drink. I'm really addicted to it. And I can't help to blame it for my discreet but always present pot belly.

    Loved your inspiration!


  50. Best thing I've seen all week.

  51. you made my day, thanks!

  52. I've heard rumor that the re-imagining of the Pepsi logo was done to evoke the same feelings of Obama's logo used during the campaign. They even use words like CHANGE and HOPE and other buzz worthy words to evoke the same response.

  53. As not only a graphic artist but an expressive artist, the new Pepsi logo has given me the same feeling I get when I hear nails on a chalkboard. Thanks for making this great picture ^^

  54. I like to talk about stool.

  55. Hey dude, As a fellow artist and designer I greatly appreciate this! it made me smile. Just wanted you to know put a shout out on my blog about it! keep up the good work!

  56. Ha-ha!!! Love it!!!

  57. it looked like an airline logo to me

  58. hilarious, great work!

  59. we think this is brilliant

  60. that is perfect!

  61. Clever and ingenious !

  62. I loved this so much I posted it at today. :) Great job! I knew this logo bothered me but I didn't know why.

  63. I can only imagine the boardroom meetings your logo adaptation will generate. Oh to be a fly on the wall...

    Very ingenious.

  64. I wonder when Pepsi will do a double-take & revert back to the old logo!

  65. Damn you! I can never look at Pepsi the same again! Good thing I drink Coke.

  66. So so so so so true! Brilliant!

  67. I never see an obeise person looking at the Pepsi logo. *looking at a can right now*

  68. This is great stuff! Now we need one for Coke...

  69. It's the boomer from Left 4 Dead!!

  70. You people are moronic! Finally, a good packaging design move comes along, and everyone hates it. It's not just another three-dimensional piece of trash like AT&T.

  71. Some very interesting comments.

    I personally like the new shape and colours of the logo.
    But i hadnt seen it until i saw your interpretation, which may be why.
    Very good vision.

    **By the way you've just hit if you are keeping track.

  72. Amasssing. best thing i've seen all day

  73. YES!!! Thank you... I finally get the new logo! ;-)

  74. I love the Pepsi dude. Actually, when I look at it now, I can't help but seeing the backside of someone trying to bend over and pick something up but can't because of his size. The red is the t-shirt, and the blue is his pants, but in the white is a butt crack instead!

    Anyway, I checked out your site and really dig your work. Have you ever considered showing your work at Upper Playground? They'd probably sell your t-shirts too. it's right up their alley.

    Also, is there somewhere I could come look at it to potentially buy some?


  75. p.s.-I posted this on my facebook page to get you some well-deserved publicity.

  76. this is so clever! i love it!!!!!!

  77. I also like the fact that Pepsi always reminds me of DysPEPSIa

  78. amazing concept and you're right in changing my view about the logo forever.

  79. here's my response to it (crudely done on powerpoint!)

  80. btw, i used your pepsi can. is there like internets etiquette or something i should be following?

  81. Pretty awesome.

  82. I agree with you. The new logo sucks. I love you're drawing. I think it could also look like a muffin top or butt crack.

    I wrote up my criticism of it on my blog here:

  83. and here i was, thinking pepsi was sweet, but this... ;)

  84. Very witty and apt!!! :-)

  85. I am a month (today) without a Pepsi. My friend sent me this link. Thank you! (I'm linking it to my blog.)

  86. My response:

  87. More about it here:

  88. what they did was say "how can we make this logo even uglier?" and they came up with the new pepsi logo :P

  89. Lawrence, that is freakin awesome!!! Love your creativity/imagination. Rock on! BTW, I found out about this pic from reading a twitter at

  90. dude, you got a lawsuit coming your way if this thing catches on.

  91. You have hijacked their brand. If they have sense of humor, they will stay quiet and out of the way. The truth is what you did will likely connect with a small segment of people and they will drink more Pepsi because of it. Or maybe some good will come of your work and less people will drink those junk food drinks. Kind of like the Truth Campaign for cigarettes.

    Great work either way.

  92. Thanks Lawrence, this image is now the very first thing that will come to mind on seeing pepsi.

  93. I will NEVER see this in the same light again. EVER.

    Thanks :D
    Literally, lol...

  94. Personally, when I saw your AWESOME interpretation, I saw Strong Bad from Home Star Runner:

    I tried to make "Mr. Pepsi" look like Strong Sad.

    But I can't change the total awesome-ness of your original.

    Does the guy have a name? Or is he "Mr. Pepsi"?

  95. Having never been a soda drinker, and not being a t.v. viewer, and living many of my adult years in Vermont (the state without billboards) - I have never had an interest in logos.

    That being said, it is clear - at least to me - that Pepsi may have intended to create a sort of red/white/blue happy face looking up at the sun with jubilation due to our 'new country' with President Obama ... and a take off of his campaign logo (which I DID care to notice!).

    However, I think your depiction of Pepsi - the company and its products - is much closer to the mark ... right smack in the belly button of their audience. So much more honest. Cheers!

  96. and all this time i thought they were ripping off the Obama logo....turned out to be some fat dude.

  97. I always saw it as a smile

  98. Dude, after enough people protest the New Logo, Pepsi's just going to restore their original logo only now they'll call it "Logo Classic". And then they'll make MILLIONS.

  99. I enjoyed this!

    One thing, though. My brother works at a supermarket and he asked the Pepsi worker that was delivering soda why they changed the logo and he said that now it represents a smile (the white). The bigger the smile, the more caffeine it has. Diet has the least, regular in the middle, and Max has the most. I thought it was kind of cool. :D

  100. one word: Negativland

  101. I hope Pepsi sues you.

  102. I hope Pepsi sues you, too, because they won't win and it would make your interpretation famous. Way to go!

  103. looks good

  104. There's no question Pepsi was trying to co-opt the Obama campaign logo, and hence, ride his coattails; I was so disgusted by these lame and fatuous ads, and happy to see them ridiculed here.

  105. Its not that easy to see what you saw in that logo. You have a great eye and talent. Those losers who created the logo that you simply destroyed (and for good), should really hire you for some serious bucks to "bulletproof" their design candidates.

  106. good post

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    Just love your work!! I especially love the Pepsi ad. Art imitates life!

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  109. I hope Pepsi sues you.polo shirts

  110. Totally just made my day, and I could resist setting this as my new desktop.

    Well done!

  111. Your Pepsi logo jarred me out of a two-month blogging hiatus. Thanks.

  112. wow, I really want a Pepsi right now. The logo has different variations that change with the different Pepsi products. Am I right?

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  114. hahahahaha

  115. This is so god dang funny I hope you figure out a way to get rich off it. It's freaking perfect. Way to go. Could they sue you if you reversed it?

  116. You are totally RIGHT, man...

    I love Pepsi, the actual drink...... but the logo is just too f_cked up.

  117. Have you ever noticed that when you turn a Pepsi can on its side, it looks like "isded" (is dead)?

  118. @radu burtescu, pretty sure satire is covered under fair use clause. can't be sued...

    kinda hoped this would ruin pepsi's needless logo change.

  119. It's beautiful! I feel full...

    Love your work. Have you seen my BluBoy character?

  120. it looks like strongsad!sesi

  121. DUH! The new Logo is made to look like "Obama's campaign logo" Pepsi was in the tank for Obama.

    I'll be damned if I drink Pepsi for taking political sides for such a left wing radical! I'll stick with Coca-Cola, who chooses to stay out of politics!

  122. You're probably my favourite person ever for this.

  123. FFA instant classic!

  124. HaHa, this is Awesome!

  125. The fact that these t-shirts are available in sizes from XL to 5XL is additionally hilarious to me.

  126. Is that a cigarette or drool?

  127. I had a visual issue with this logo a lot like yours. Only the side I was picturing doesn't have view of his belly button :)

  128. Funny, I will always think of this every time I see the new Pepsi logo!

  129. Go look at this week:

    "A designer friend told me that the secret inspiration for the new Pepsi logo was the Simpson's Comic Book Guy."

  130. Brilliant! Surprised no one has drawn on those poster ads on the streets with your rendition.

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  132. very nice article .keep it up.

  133. Soda's are so horrible for you, it doesn't matter which brand it is. Hell Pepsi and Coke can dissolve a tooth immersed in them overnight.
    I think you hit the nail right on the head because that's what I see when I see their logo.

  134. Lovely design. Nice color combination in this design. Loved it. You rocks. Keep blogging. Thanks.

  135. My neighbor works in the accounting dept. for Pepsi and his story for the logo was that when it was presented his department the original explanation for the logo given by the "designer" was that it was a series of "smiles". I believe the creator has since changed his story given that it was a stupid one. Now he has some over-bloated artistic theory behind it which makes even less sense than the whole smiling concept.

  136. hey man, stumbled in from the east coast. love the work. your new and improved pepsi logo is great. i want a shirt

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  147. I CAN'T UNSEE IT D:

  148. This is quite genius. :)

  149. Did you know that the idea for the design of the new Pepsi logo came from comic book guy on the Simpson's

  150. logo is very good and can i know what is the meaning in it...

  151. i thought this was really funny! i'll never look at the pepsi logo the same way again :P

  152. Soda's are so horrible for you, it doesn't matter which brand it is. Hell Pepsi and Coke can dissolve a tooth immersed in them overnight.
    I think you hit the nail right on the head because that's what I see when I see their logo.

  153. This comparison is crazy funny-- I never saw the new Pepsi logo that way, but you can be sure I'm never going to see it any other way from now on!

  154. This rules. I actually remember one of the big guys at pepsi who helped design the logo said they were inspired by the comic book guy from the simpsons. Who has a red shirt, blue pants and his belly is always hangin' out. I guess great minds think alike. HAH

  155. Love this! I just put this on my blog, it's the lead story today. I hope that's OK, if not let me know and I'll remove it ASAP.

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