Mario Apocalypse

"Mario Apocalypse" - acrylic, ink and watercolor on board - 10" x 8 "

So I ended up restarting this piece =). I think I like it better with the Piranha Plant as the bad guy instead of the Chain Chomp. A little less mutant, a little more recognizable. Also, more fun to make evil, hehe.

Same premise as before:
What if the world had depended on Mario to protect it? And what if Mario had lost?

Here are some process pics:

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  1. how am I the first to comment when i found this on stumble before i came from my blog?

    I like it a lot, you paint a killer piranha plant. I liked the chomp too! My buddy recognized it immediately, but he's a huge mario fan.

    Good job on both pictures.

  2. Oh yeah, I get it now!

  3. Love your artwork! This is awesome!

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