Painting failure

"suck at life man" - dry erase marker

Well, tonight was a total failure. Wasted the whole night on a painting that I completely hated. Ugh... just one of those nights. Hopefully will have something better tomorrow =/.

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  1. ahahaha i like this picture. sorry nothing else worked out to your liking though. i do really appreciate your blog by the way...

  2. Too bad you had a bad day, I do appreciate all your artwork. I think they are fantastic and love the blog.

  3. i think i find it funny because at first glace, it looks like something else...^^

  4. Yes I totally agree!

  5. Ha, thanks for the support everyone. I'll hopefully have something worth posting tonight =)



  6. Exelent

  7. Oi, I just wanted to claim the bonus points for knowing that that's a Slime from Dragon Quest.

    I also wanted to say that I love your work, and your series of apocalypse paintings are fantastic. I particularly love the Pac Man one, but they all appeal to the nerdy gamer part of me. I.e, all of me.

  8. Haha. Yes, bonus points for you Matt =)

    Glad you're liking the apocalypse series. Hopefully they'll resonate with people when they're up for display at the show...



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