"Space Invaders Apocalypse"

"Space Invaders Apocalypse" - acrylic, ink and watercolor on board - 10" x 8 "

Here's the finished piece! I'll probably look the four 'Apocalypse' paintings over and see what else I can tweak before dropping them off at Giant Robot... For now though, this is where they are at.

The colors are off, sorry. It's a bit greener and lusher looking. I'll try to color correct and update the picture when I get a chance.

Ugh, sorry there are no progress pictures. My computer decided that today was a good day to die, so I'm blogging on my backup laptop. Sigh. I REALLY hope that I can revive my computer long enough to get my vital files and artwork off... I don't even want to think about what will happen if I can't =(.

Anyway, 'night everyone!

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  1. SO COOL!!!

  2. I enjoy your work and the way that you put it out there. I twittered your link.


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